Is this festival for me?
“We rise by lifting others”
This festival is for anybody 18+ who is looking for a smaller, intimate experience that allows you to build deeper bonds.
We will never be a 1000+ person festival where people get lost in the shuffle and overwhelmed by large crowds.
During these 4 days, you will see the same people and get to build strong relationships with them.
The theme of this festival is Love.
Some will experience self-love. Some will find love with another. Others will strengthen the love they already have.
This is a safe space to explore what it means to be human, and what it feels like to build roots with a loving heart-centered community.
To know that as someone who is a deep feeler, you are not alone.
There are others that want more of this life. That want to live more. Love more. And feel more.
The intention of Dragonfly is to allow you to let go of the outside world and give you a place to surrender and feel held and supported for all that you are. To remind you that you are enough and that you are worthy of love.
Dragonfly Festival will have ecstatic dance, live music, nature and swimming, and workshops on authentic relating, love and relationships, tantra and sexuality, masculine and feminine healing, and much more. There will even be a cuddle zone in an atmosphere where safe touch is allowed with respect, consent, and communication being a requirement. Your emotional safety will be our top priority!
Come join us and become a Dragonfly for the weekend, as we co-create a beautiful experience together and create memories and bonds that will last a lifetime.


How much do tickets cost?
Pitch a Tent Camping: 270 (includes 4 days of workshops, a camping spot, and 9 all-you-can-eat meals)
Platform Tent: 299  (includes 4 days of workshops, a platform tent with bed, and 9 all-you-can-eat meals)
Cabin: 333 (includes 4 days of workshops, a cabin bed, and 9 all-you-can-eat meals)
Lodge: 365 (includes 4 days of workshops, a heated cabin with attached showers/bathrooms, and 9 all-you-can-eat meals)
*Local Ticket: 250 – A Daytime-Access ticket for locals.
Best for those with off-site accommodations or vehicle sleeping (parking pass required)
Tickets are separated by male-identified, female-identified, and non-binary/all humans.
*A portion of each ticket sale will be donated to Joy’s Kitchen, a Colorado organization that rescues 6000 lbs of food, and feeds 200+ Denver families every week. Another portion will be donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality.
Ticketing Questions
To enter the festival, please have all your tickets either printed or ready to pull up on the Eventbrite app. You can change the name on your ticket if you sell or transfer it. For all ticketing issues, please contact Eventbrite Support.
What are my lodging choices?
Our variety of lodging options allows you to decide how rustic you want your stay at camp to be!
All of our lodging options have electricity and outlets. We do ask that campers provide their own bedding.


Lodges: We have two main lodges in camp; the Women’s Loo Lodge and the Men’s Woods Lodge. Our cozy, heated cabins are bunkhouse-style with bunk beds. There are attached restrooms with shower facilities. (Most comfortable choice)

Cabins: We have several heated cabins. The cabins are bunkhouse-style with bunk beds. The restroom and shower facilities are just a short walk away.

Tent Platforms: For those who enjoy that rustic feel, we also have nine tent platforms available for use. The restroom and shower facilities are just a short walk away. Like the Lodges and Cabins, this includes electric outlets.

Pitch A Tent: We have a limited amount of spots for those who want to pitch their own test. This will be your lowest priced ticket option.

Prices include 4 days of comfortable lodging + 9 meals + amazing workshops and live music!

Is this only for cis-gendered Men and Women?
Dragonfly Festival respects and acknowledges all identities and expressions.
Transgender individuals can choose where to camp based on their identity.
We invite anybody who has an issue with this policy to not attend our festival.

We believe that all communities deserve to have both inclusive and exclusive spaces.
For example, a women’s circle being exclusive of men, and vice versa.

We acknowledge that all communities have struggles that other individuals who are also part of that same community can often relate to better than those who aren’t. People of different genders, identities, races, sexes, and orientations have recieved different messages by society growing up.

We acknowledge that many of the workshops may lean towards dualistic-gendered language, as the intent of this particular event is to heal some of the messages that men and women have recieved growing up. We also acknowledge that the usage of the words men and women makes it difficult for our non-binary friends. We also know that different people have different ideas of what the spectrum of the masculine and feminine looks like. We use masculine and feminine to describe energies with the acknowledgement that all individuals can embody either or both. We encourage everyone, including both facilitators and attendees, to be mindful, respectful, curious, and open to learning.

We also offer a camping section for all individuals (cisgender, transgender, non-binary, etc).

* We have seeked out counsel from the National Center for Transgender Equality.
In turn, a portion of all ticket sales will be donated to their organization.
Arrival & Departure Times
Check-in: Friday, September 6 between 4-7 p.m.
There will be an Welcome Dinner at 7:45 p.m.


Check-out: Monday, September 9 between 2 & 4 p.m.
There will be a Goodbye Lunch and a Lake Dance Party!
Address & Driving Directions

Camp Shady Brook

8716 South Y Camp Road

Deckers, CO 80135.


From Colorado Springs:

1. Take Highway 24 west to Woodland Park

2. At Woodland Park, take Highway 67 North (right) towards Deckers

3. Stay on Highway 67 North for approximately 23 miles

4. At Deckers, take a hard left onto Y Camp Road (this is a dirt road)

5. Go 2 miles into the camp parking lot

6. Approximate driving time is 70 minutes from Colorado Springs

From Denver:

1. Take Highway 285 West to Route 126 at Pine Junction

2. Turn South (left) onto Hwy 126 / S. Pine Valley Road towards Deckers

3. Stay on Highway 126 for approximately 25 miles

4. In Deckers take a hard right onto Y Camp Road (this is a dirt road)

5. Go 2 miles into the camp parking lot

6. Approximate driving time from downtown Denver is 90 minutes

Camp Shady Brook is at a dead end 2 miles down S Y Camp Road. You can’t miss it!

Parking & Transportation Options

There are a limited number of on-premise parking passes available.

Buy your Parking Pass here for only $22 at the Tickets page

Carpool: We encourage everyone to offer or find a ride here:

You can also post a ride offer or need on our Facebook page.

Where can I see the Festival Map?

What will the food be?

Food will be served Buffet style at 8:30 a.m, 1 pm, and 6:15 pm.

We have fresh fruit available at breakfast, a salad bar at lunch and dinner and, of course, dessert after dinner. We are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and will have vegetarian options in each meal.

Packing List

Packing Pointers:

• Camp Shady Brook is a rustic and adventurous place, so please bring old clothing and items that are suitable for the outdoors.

• Luggage should be compact and easy to carry so you can get it to your cabin (up rocky terrain) with ease.

• Labeling your items is a great idea, especially if you are part of a large group. Please be responsible for your personal property and remember to check our Lost and Found before you depart camp. Items found after your departure will be taken to our association office located at: 207 N Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903. They will be held for 2 weeks after your departure and any unclaimed items after that time will be donated to Goodwill.

Dragonfly Festival and Camp Shady Brook are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. We kindly ask you to leave expensive things at home.

Suggested packing list for camp:

• Water bottle (ESSENTIAL)

• Bedsheets, Pillow, and Covers (ESSENTIAL)

• Raincoat/Poncho

• Sleeping bag

• Swimsuit

• Socks

• Comfortable yoga / dance clothes

• Pajamas

• Comb/Brush

• Underwear

• Long pants

• Pairs of shorts

• A great attitude

• Long sleeve shirts

• Rain Jacket

• Short sleeve shirts

• Hat

• Closed-toe shoes

• Soap in soap box

• Headlamp or Flashlight/batteries

• Toothbrush and paste

• Sunscreen

• Towel, washcloth, & soap

• Light jacket or heavy sweater

• Feminine products if necessary

• Hat, gloves, and coat

• Sandals with ankle strap or water shoes (to be used in the water)

How is your staff trained?

All staff go through a rigorous interview process with our administrative team, a contact of three references, U.S. and state criminal background checks and fingerprinting. All staff are CPR/First Aid/AED and O2 certified. Waterfront staff have lifeguard certifications, and all other skilled area directors have certifications in their respective areas. Festival staff is trained in non-violent communication.

Is there phone service?

There is no cell service at camp, allowing our visitors to truly plug into nature!

Camp does have land lines for emergency use. For other questions or to reach one of our camp staff, please call 303.647.2313

What is your refund policy?

We understand that life happens and want to support you while still keeping the festival sustainble.

Refund Policy:

30 days or more before the festival – 75% refund

7- 30 days before the festival – 50% refund

To do so, please login to your Eventbrite account, find the ticket, and click on Request a Refund.

We also encourage you to try to sell your Eventbrite ticket instead.

All you have to do is login to the page and change the ticket information after your sale.

Can I make money telling people about your festival?
Yes! We are always open to affiliates.
Just contact us if you would like a custom-link that gives you a kickback for referrals.
Who are the facilitators/teachers?
For now, we are still accepting applications, so feel free to invite your favorite facilitator.


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